Kratom Fraud Dont Be Fooled Long Island

Have you ever walked into a smoke shop on Long Island and saw bags of Kratom sitting there all looking the same color in that tiny window on the bag?

How long has that been sitting there and how is a KILO OF KRATOM $50?

Great deal? Wake up people. You are buying dirt in a bag and there is no better place to find it than on Long Island. Without naming names, you all see the same companies in smoke, vape shops and consumers buy it thinking they are getting a super deal. Then they get headaches, sick, stomach cramps, shakes, diarrea, etc.

Who the hell is buying a bag that says “Maeng Da’ with no clue if it is a Red, White, Green or Yellow vein? Is it going to give you energy or relax you? You have no idea.

Are you speaking to a Kratom Expert or just a kid in a store or a store owner who bought that Kilos for $20 and is pushing it off on you?

Are you on Suboxone and need advice on how to get off of it? You are definitley not getting it at a Smoke Shop or a local kid in a store. Speak to an expert. Dont buy junk in a bag because it is cheap. IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK.

Its time you buy REAL Kratom that is not only Lab Tested but actually baked to remove any contaminations. Fresh, Clean, Kratom bagged specifically for your order. Contact us now if you have any questions at 516-399-7013