Its Melatonin NOT CBD

You are in the Wild Wild West people. An unregulated industry that is so easy to crack into its scary and Long Island is one of the hubs on the East Coast for fake CBD.

There are several companies right now with GREAT labels and marketing that are putting ZERO CBD in their products, adding melatonin, making it in their kitchens, renting warehouses in Farmingdale, Hicksville, Deer Park and mass producing, in laymen terms, PURE SHIT!

A huge issue on Long Island are these companies that are selling their products at such low dollar amounts wholesale to Smoke Shops that the Smoke Shops Owners just buy and sell to you at huge profits KNOWING it is impossible for example, to buy 1000mg CBD Gummies at $3 a bag. THEY KNOW FOR A FACT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE but only see one thing…..


They buy it at $3 and sell it to you at $50. YES $3.00. They dont care and on the flip side you take it, get sleepy and say “Wow that CBD worked” not knowing you are taking Melatonin ONLY or its a plecebo effect.

Ever walk into a Smoke Shop and ask if they have CBD and they steer you to a showcase filled with CBD products from different companies? Did you ever notice how some of them look EXACTLY the same only maybe with a slight change in the label?

Ever notice that?


Ever notice on some labels they dont tell you exactly how much CBD or Melatonin is in it?

Why do you think that is? Do you know the cost of actual CBD? Do you know how much a kilo goes for? Pretty damn expensive. Know how much melatonin is? Pretty damn cheap.

Do you know that, and I can name 3 off the top of my head, there are Long Island companies that buy their CBD Gummies in bulk from a candy manufacturer?

Do you know that on Long Island one company is owned buy a guy that was arrested on major drug charges?

Did you know that in Florida a MAJOR CBD company is being sued by the Doctor that signed off on the Lab Reports because they then doctored it and changed the numbers. Did you know that?

I can go on and on. The point of this is simple. BE CAREFUL. Only put something in your body that you know is coming from a reputable company. All these companies are selling in local smoke shops.